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Discover the full potential of synthetic and staked DOT.
Satori provides an assortment of features to help you trade with ease .

Accessibility From Any Parachain

Connect and trade with users from any parachain. Together, we’re creating a unified Polkadot community.

APIs Built For Traders

Off-Chain Aggregation & On-Chain Settlement

A Seamless Trading Experience

Enjoy lower fees, higher throughput, and greater reliability.

Hybrid Liquidity Model (AMM & Orderbook)

Quanto Futures Support

Mobile-Friendly Interface

Cross Margining

Quicker & Safer Withdrawals

Access your funds instantly and securely with
Satori’s ZK-Rollups.

Parachains supported by Satori

Getting STarted

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Connect your Polkadot wallet to the Satori web app.


Deposit DOT (including staked or synthetic) into your account.


Contribute liquidity or place orders on Satori.

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How Satori helps you

Satori is a decentralized financial derivatives platform that features an “off-chain aggregation and on-chain settlement” design, combining the security and transparency of a decentralized exchange with the speed and usability of a centralized exchange.


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